4 Content API Use Cases from Leading Furniture Brands

4 Content API Use Cases from Leading Furniture Brands

Content API

Winning consumers’ trust is the first step towards e-commerce conversion. When it comes to the online world, images, videos and textual content for products play a big role. According to a recent study by Salsify products with more images and video convert more, even if they have more features than the shopper needs and cost more.

It’s the quality that matters

However, it’s not about quantity only. Bad images can do more harm than good. That’s one of the main reasons why more companies decide to use CGI images for e-commerce websites and marketing campaigns (both online and offline).

This is especially true for the furniture industry. Having in mind that furniture is a big ticket item and customers need more time to make a buying decision, visuals are vital for success. Brands and retailers are well aware of that fact. It’s no surprise that 75% of images in the furniture catalogs are CGI.

CGI product images are more versatile

People that have organized product photoshoot for a marketing campaign know the struggle and the effort needed to get appealing visuals. With CGI images companies have the freedom to pick different backgrounds, locations, decorations and much more. Plus you can get thousands of colors, angles, textures, and finishes without moving your products from the warehouse.

Time to rethink your marketing

Along with 360-spin and 4K HD Zoom, the Cylindo Platform comes with smart content tools for high-quality product images that can be distributed anywhere. You can elevate your omnichannel marketing game with photo-realistic visuals for any screen and media.

With Cylindo Content API you can:

  • Product images in any size, angle, and configuration at scale – get endless possibilities with your personal visual library.
  • Make marketing campaigns a breeze – HD product images for your next email campaign, social media posts and ads are just a few clicks away.
  • Deliver tailored shopping experience – Allow shoppers to download an image or save to pdf a full specification of your product. They will get back soon!

See your visuals come to life

This solution can help you maximize the merchandising potential of your online shop and deliver killer marketing campaigns with photorealistic visuals.

Don’t just take our word for it – read some of the use cases from our clients.

1. Interior Define automates product image delivery across digital environments
Have you ever wondered how to create a consistent end-to-end shopping experience for your customers? The US-based e-tailer Interior Define uses Cylindo Platform for all their product visualization needs. From the first click to the Add to cart button. How? They leverage visual assets for different interfaces and platforms with the Content API.

Interior Define uses Cylindo’s Content API for product feed and cart thumb visuals

Imagine having photorealistic visuals from each product at each touch point of the customer journey. Users will see the product they like in the product feed while browsing, on the product page with the 360 spin and 4K zoom feature and later as cart thumb when they click the checkout option. Using superior visuals helps companies reassure customers that they are making the right choice.

Cylindo’s Content API enables you to dynamically deliver high-quality visuals for your product listing pages, cart thumbs and meta images. With just a few development hours, you will be able to create a seamless browsing and checkout experience.

2. Exemplis creates bespoke product catalogs with photorealistic visuals
Forget about studio photography, lighting, retouching and numerous limitations due to complex transportation and logistics. With Cylindo Content API you can open up a world of possibilities. One of the biggest contract furniture companies Exemplis uses Cylindo’s Platform to get photorealistic visuals for bespoke product catalogs. No more fabric, color, and angle limitations. Now you can feature an unlimited number of configurations with world-class quality.

Save time and resources by getting superior quality visuals for winning marketing campaigns in a few clicks. Content Managers love this option. Inside a specific dashboard in Cylindo’s CMS they are able to pick a product configuration, angle, color, format (jpeg or png) and resolution. It’s as simple as that – ready to download.

Exemplis uses Content API for bespoke catalog visuals

3. Ethan Allen unifies the shopping experience on Amazon
Creating a unified shopping experience becomes harder as the number of consumer touchpoints increases by the day. However, this remains as one of the top priorities for furniture companies. One of the US Top 100 furniture retailers, Ethan Allen recognized this pain point and found a smart solution.

They created a consistent shopping experience by leveraging visual assets for their e-commerce store, but also for other selling platforms like Amazon.

Amazon Capi

Ethan Allen uses photorealistic visuals from the Content API for their Amazon product pages

4. Exemplis lets customers save a full product specification
The process of buying furniture can last from a few weeks to a few months. Customers want to make sure that they pick the best product, something that will fit their interior style and something they will use for a longer time.

Giving your customers the possibility to download an image or save to pdf a full specification of your product will make them get back when they are ready to make the final decision.

The Californian office seating brand Sit on It from Exemplis lets customers design their dream chair with just a few clicks thanks to the user-friendly Chairbuilder®. Appart from the quadrillion configurations, the 360 spin and the 4K zoom supported by the Cylindo Platform, Exemplis integratesthe Content API with their product configurator to enable customers to save a specific product configuration.

visual content

Exemplis gives their customers an opportunity to save a full specification of the product

Like the results you’re reading?

Well, we’ve only scratched the surface. With Cylindo Content API possibilities and endless.

From product feeds, cart thumbs, visuals for email campaigns, social media posts and PR articles, to marketing collateral, AR assets, Save to pdf / Download image – we are ready to help you utilize the Content API to its fullest potential.

Ready to explore more use cases and learn how you can save 100s of hours and automate processes?

Take full creative control of your visual content