Introducing Cylindo Styleshots - Digital storytelling with interactive room scenes

Releasing Cylindo Styleshots: Unleash the Power of Digital Storytelling with Interactive Room Scenes

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We are excited to announce the launch of Cylindo Styleshots – a new and unseen way of capturing customers’ imagination.

Cylindo Styleshots represent interactive room scenes with a versatile approach to building authentic room sets for furniture brands and retailers.

“Styleshots seamlessly bridge a gap between single product visualization and room planning by giving the end user a fuller shopping experience straight from the product page, and moreover, from the very same viewport. The interactive visual experience will transform the customer journey helping users make quicker buying decisions.” – said Jasna Trengoska, Head of Customer Success & Support.

Online merchandising is crucial for e-commerce businesses. One of the biggest online customer concerns these days is product authenticity. Customers want to see exactly what they are getting. They want to see products being used.

Fabric swatches are not enough anymore. Furniture companies have to provide superior online customer experience to come close to the feel of a rich velvety texture, soft cushions, or diving into bed.

One of the easiest ways of bridging the gap between user experience of physical stores and that of the digital world is showing products in context. Room scenes give brands and retailers a creative freedom to show the beauty of their products. A research from Google shows that 64% of women who shop for apparel on their smartphone agree that seeing images of products in context positively influences their purchase decision.

Traditional product photography has a lot of downsides: it’s complicated, static, inflexible and very costly. By building a computer-generated model of the product there are endless possibilities for customization: colors, angles, textures, finishes and more. This, on the other hand, is something traditional product photography cannot produce without significant effort and high costs.

With Cylindo Styleshots brands and retailers get engaging shopping experience with:

1. Photorealistic visualization – Our powerful rendering tech makes it impossible to distinguish a real room scene from a CGI.

2. Flexibility – Once a photoshoot is over furniture companies can’t change details, lighting, or layout. Instead, they have to organize a new photoshoot. With Cylindo Styleshots brands and retailers can make the needed revisions and get the perfect room scene with zero effort.

3. Unlimited customization – Creating a compelling scene is hard. Cylindo gives businesses the freedom to customize angles, colors, fabrics, furniture layout and more, in order to get what they imagined.

4. Interactive experience – Cylindo Styleshots empower furniture businesses to trigger emotions by giving their customers a chance to customize furniture while visualizing the big picture.

5. Controlled environment – There is no risk of unpredictable weather conditions, lighting, complex equipment, location limitations, transportation cost, expensive decorations – we deliver superior room scenes that exceed expectations, and we make it simple and easy.

6. Cost savings – Staging the scene for a traditional product photoshoot takes too much time and effort – and it’s very expensive. With Cylindo Styleshots brands and retailers can tell a better product story while saving time, money and resources.

The days of expensive product photoshoots are long gone. Now furniture brands and retailers can enjoy thousands of photorealistic room scenes, offering an interactive experience to their clients, bringing them closer to the “add to cart” button.

Ready to unleash the power of digital storytelling with Cylindo Styleshots?